Connect your online learning
data with your SMS


Integrate enables an organisation to move data between a Learning Management System (LMS), such as the Learn LMS, and a Student Management System (SMS).

This flow of information can be in any direction. With the addition of the application system (Apply) this enables processing of the data from an application through to both the SMS and LMS.

This integration saves on time and errors due to being able to use the data that has been entered by the application/student and transfer it into the external systems.

Learning Management System

Integrate currently supports the Learn LMS but can be extended to include others if required –┬ájust let us know.

Student Management System

Integrate supports the following Student Management Systems; aXcelerate, JobReady, WiseNet and VETtrak. Others can be included if they are connectable (see your SMS vendor for more information).


Integrate also support a concept called Brands. Brands can be used to differentiate different sections of your training organisation and can be connected to different LMSs or SMSs.

Typical scenarios for Integrate include:

Transferring of Results from LMS to SMS

As soon as a student starts their learning within the LMS the initial start dates are available to be sent to your SMS. When a student completes their learning, the completion becomes available and can also be sent to the SMS.

The transferring is performed in batches which includes all results, both started and completed, since the last batch.

The batch manager within Integrate is a great tool for performing some quality assurance of the data that is to be transferred to identify issues before they become major.

Transferring Enrolments from SMS to LMS

If you are entering your students into your SMS first we can help there as well. Using the Integrate feature you can move new students and their enrolments from your SMS to the appropriate courses in the LMS.

The mapping between SMS courses and LMS courses is performed within Manage and is simple to set up and maintain.

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