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learning management system (LMS)


Choose the type of course that best suits your teaching style such as instructor-led, blended, or self-paced. Save time by teaching multiple sections of a course, and use our unique course sync feature to push changes from the master copy of a course to the others.

Content authoring and navigation

Don't stress about spending a lot of time on building content, because our content authoring tools help you create beautiful courses fast and without any technical knowledge. Keep learners interested by uploading and embeding any kind of media, including audio, video, Office documents, and Google Docs. Track learner progress and the time spent in each module through the dashboard and rich analytics.

Course mapping

Easily create your own curricula and align content and assessments with proficiencies in a curriculum, then see a coverage analysis of how well your course covers the curriculum. Track learner progress on a proficiency basis, get a detailed view of how learners are understanding the concepts and quickly identify the ones that are struggling.

Course catalogue

Display courses in an attractive graphical catalogue that helps keep them organised and provides an overview of useful information for learners


Keep learners involved with your content by adding any kind of multimedia into your content, such as audio, video, pictures, Office documents, and Google Docs.


We have seamless support for SCORM, which is the industry standard for reusable content modules. You can easily create engaging courses by uploading SCORM modules into your library and share them with others. You can embed a SCORM module into a module or assess learners with a SCORM assessment.


Assess learners effortlessly by choosing from 12 types of assessments such as quizzes, essays, debates, team, dropbox, discussion, survey, attendance, offline, SCORM, LTI, and Turnitin. We make learner evaluation an easy, stress-free process by providing trainers with a wide variety of grading and personalising tools.

Quizzes and questions

Use tools such as quizzes and question banks to assess learners quickly. Choose from seven different types of questions and create personalized quizzes by picking random questions from a question bank. We offer support for timed quizzes and instant feedback during a quiz, so learners can see their results immediately.


We have a reliable scores table with pop-up analytics that makes grading a lot easier. The table is packed with configuration options and tools to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Keep track of learners attendance and identify learners wih problems. You can indicate whether a learner is present, late, or absent, and include an optional note. Award points for attendance using the attendance assessment feature. Print a PDF attendance form to collect physical signatures.


Grade assessments fast and consistently using rubrics. Our rubric builder allows you to create rubrics with custom criteria and ratings. Assessments can be associated with a rubric, then be used to grade the assessment with a simple point-and-click interface. Learners can see the rubric before and after it has been filled out by the trainer.

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Resources library

Captivate learners by adding any kind of multimedia into your content or choose from 12 different types of resources available in our library including certificates, course templates, rubrics, files, SCORM packages and curricula. You can place a resource in your private library, the library shared by everyone in your business or network library.

Collaboration tools

Learners can easily communicate and collaborate on projects using wikis, blogs, chats, forums, and groups, which helps them stay focused and excited. Collaboration tools can be used privately in a course or within a group whose members span courses. Instructors can easily enable or disable these options on a per-course basis.

Web conferencing

Easily connect from any location using our web conferencing tools. Integrate your favorite web conferencing tool into our LMS using their native widgets or HTML embed codes. For example, embed conference links into calendar events for everyone to join the conference call on a certain date.


Increase communication between learners and instructors with our messaging system that includes bidirectional email integration, so you can receive messages via email and respond via email as well.


Encourage collaboration amongst users using groups. You can create public or private groups that are site-wide or only accessible within a specific course. Each group has its own activity feed, calendar, resources, and collaboration tools. Groups are usually useful for study groups, team projects, and ad-hoc collaboration.

Social networking

Allow learners to make connections within your business community by connecting as friends. See which friends are online and chat with them to collaborate on projects. Social networking features can easily be enabled/disabled for various account types.

Mobile apps

Use our mobile apps for iOS and Android to enjoy the full functionality of LEARN on the go. With our mobile apps you can access the entire feature set and have a personalised, engaging LMS experience anytime, anywhere.


Express your company's indentity with a custom portal that has a personalised logo, title, color scheme, pictures, and portal pages. Publish your news, course catalog, and calendar to your portal with a single click.


Use gamification to make courses more engaging and drive participation, by including fun elements like leaderboards, badges, and points.

An innovative rules engine

Be in control of every aspect of a course by awarding badges, enrolling learners in groups and learning paths, locking/unlocking modules, all based on rules defined by you.

Learning paths

Inspire learners to achieve goals by enrolling them in learning paths and reward their accomplishments with certificates and badges.


Our platform is highly customisable, allowing companies to add their personal touch by configuring their logo, color scheme, URL, shortcuts, fonts, and terminology.

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Save time and avoid hassle by using systems that boost your productivity and keep learners excited. We integrate with popular systems such as Google Drive, Google Apps, Zapier, GoToMeeting, iCal, PayPal, Turnitin, Authorize.net, Stripe, LTI, Salesforce, Equella and LDAP. We also regularly add new integrations based on user feedback and our API can be used to create custom integrations.


It's simple for a single person to administrate a large site because all administrator options are available via a single pop up menu, and each administrative feature has full online help.

Trash can

Don't worry about accidentaly deleting modules, assessments, or resources because all deleted items are automatically moved into our trash can. Once in the trash can, you have up to 30 days to restore items before they are permanently deleted.


Oversee every aspect of your site by configuring a wide range of site-wide policies. You can set policies for various accounts types, such as which features are enabled and what information learners and managers can access.


Be informed about what's happening in your business and what learners are doing by browsing through all learner communications, including messages, forum postings, and chat messages. Receive daily reports of any potentially offensive communications.

Account types

We provide a wide range of account types such as full administrator, partial administrator, instructor, learner, monitor, teaching assistant, and manager. You can define access policies for each account type. You can choose the preferred way of creating accounts such as using a form, bulk import, self-enrolment, email invitations, LDAP synchronisation, or API.

Help centre

Our system is very user friendly, but even so we want to be there for users when they need it. That's why we offer a comprehensive help center that includes topics organized by account type, one-click access to our support forum, product news forum, suggestions area, how to videos, getting started guides, and features roadmap.


We provide graphical dashboards that display the most important data on a single page for administrators, trainers, and learners. For example, the learner dashboard includes tiles for each course which show the course picture, progress chart, and overall grade.


Schedule and keep track of events with our all-in-one calendar that lets you manage everything from a single centralised location. Our calendar provides a live feed for other calendar clients, monthly and weekly views, individual calendars for courses and groups.


Reward learners' accomplishments with custom certificates created by you. Associate a certificate with a PDF version that can be downloaded and printed. Share certificates with users using our resources library.


Award badges to learners as gifts or incentives to encourage great results. You can create your own badges that have a custom shape, image, text, and color.

Activity feeds

Activity feeds make it easy to track the current news by showing the latest assessments, postings, blog entries, announcements, and events. Instructors like activity feed discussions because all the comments can be seen by everyone in the course, discouraging inappropriate behavior.


Learners can copy their best assessments and other resources into a portfolio to showcase their work. Portfolio assets can include multimedia files such as audio and video. Learners enjoy this feature because it makes them feel accomplished and recognised.

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